Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Product Placement on the News? Soon, That Won't Be News

What It Feels Like Before You Throw In The Towel and Let the Ad Department Run the News

This is the sound of a man whose soul is being sucked out of him.
"I stress the fact that it is being done on a program that is a combination of news entertainment and lifestyle programming.”
Those words emanated from the lips of one Adam Bradshaw, news director at KVVU, the Fox station in Las Vegas.
Bradshaw green-lit having two cups of McDonald's iced coffee in a prominent position on the news desk. To make matters even more interesting, the Las Vegas Sun reports that the cups don't actually contain real coffee.
The way Bradshaw rationalizes pimping out his morning show is that the cups only appear after 7 a.m., when the program shifts from harder news to frothier feature spots, you know, the kind that just want to make you run out to McDonald's and get, hmmm... hey, how about some iced coffee? And while you're at it, pick up a Sausage McMuffin too? This way, you'll be fortified enough to spend a full morning dropping nickels into the slot machines.
Bradshaw digs out a nifty euphemism by calling this a "nontraditional revenue source."
By the way, Mark, the fact that stations in Chicago, Seattle and New York have also tried something like this doesn't make it OK.

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