Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If You Can't Remember the Last Time You Bought a Magazine at the Newsstand, Turns Out You're Not Alone

ABC Fas-Fax Numbers Even More Grim Than Most Publishers Would Have Feared

For those of you keeping score at home -- which is where most magazines would prefer you get them by subscription -- single-copy sales for most titles in the first half of the year did some Dumpster diving.
No huge surprise here, given how crappy business has been in recent years. Tech, celebrity and auto mags took an especially big hit. For the latter category, that could be a double whammy, given how the Big Three are cutting back ad spending across the board.
In some cases, newsstand gains have been at least partially offset by increased subscriptions, as if some people who may have plunking down four or five bucks a week for their favorite title finally wised up and got a subscription.
Overall, however, they weren't nearly enough to stanch the bleeding in publishers' suites, which by all indications is continuing unabated.

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