Friday, August 08, 2008

In Your Face, MSM! National Enquirer Gloats Big-Time When Edwards Fesses to Affair

Even ABC (Mostly) Gives Enquirer Props as Edwards Tells Almost All to Bob Woodruff

Now that word's out that John Edwards joined the long list of politicians who couldn't keep their pants zipped, nobody is more thrilled than the editors of the National Enquirer, which had been, um, pumping this story for months with barely a nod or mention by the MSM until recently.
Turns out the Enky wasn't the only one sniffing around. ABC's Brian Ross had been hot for Edwards too, and he was getting close enough that Edwards opted for damage control in the form of an interview with Bob Woodruff for this evening's Nightline.
Ross told Politico the Enquirer has the story "95 to 96 percent" right.
Hey, that's like an A-plus!
Here's the rub: Edwards says he's not the father of the daughter of trystee Rielle Hunter. How does he know? The baby was born Feb. 27, and he claims to have stopped shtupping Hunter before the baby could have been conceived.
Of course, the Enquirer is having none of that, especially after Edwards says the tab got right the story he saw Hunter at the Beverly Hilton last month.

As far as being the father of Hunter's love child, you might as well go all the way now, Johnny Boy.

Submit to a DNA test.

By the way what was it you said about The ENQUIRER's journalistic chops when the main stream media was silent until we gave them more than a smoking gun by dropping a bomb on August 6?

Oh yeah - "Tabloid Trash."

Classy, huh? Well, at least it's more classy than cheating on your cancer-stricken wife.

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