Thursday, August 28, 2008

Washington Post Continues Toasting Wine Coverage

Departure of Columnists Could Have Given Paper An Out To Cut Back

In the relentless and often necessary tsunami of cost-cutting at newspapers, editors have to make difficult and often painful decisions as their papers fight for survival.
Sometimes, they can take the easy way out. Fortunately, The Washington Post decided not to do that recently with its wine coverage.
Wine columnists Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg have to cut back on their weekly column because of "other commitments" and now will only appear monthly.
That could have been a cue for the Post to essentially scuttle its wine articles and throw in an article every now and then in the Food section. After all, somebody has to buy all those bottles.
Instead, the Post recruited Dave McIntyre, the wine writer for Washingtonian magazine, who will write three or four columns a month.
I'll drink to that.

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