Wednesday, September 03, 2008

McCain Hissy Fit Over Campbell Brown Could Mean Dreary Days In White House Press Room

Thin-Skinned Campaign Cancels Larry King Because It Didn't Want to Give Straight Answers

Some food for thought for White House correspondents, whose lives have been miserable enough with the double-speaking prevaricators who have often presided over the daily briefings during the last eight years. If John McCain becomes president, things won't get any better.
Exhibit A: CNN's Campbell Brown on Monday attempted to quiz GOP spinmeister Tucker Bounds about the qualifications and experience of Sarah Palin, who Bounds has been charged with handling.
Brown committed what to the McCain camp was an unpardonable sin of trying to get a straight answer out of Bounds, which he was thoroughly unwilling to provide. Instead of a few softballs Bounds could hit out of the park on Fox, he instead faced an ace on the mound in Brown, who had no appetite for the mush coming out of his mouth.
Eventually, though, even Brown had no choice but to give up. Bounds could have been waterboarded and he would have stayed on message. However, he didn't come out a winner in this joust. Rather, he just came off as a flaming jackass albeit one who accomplished his objective.
But the story doesn't end there. Seems the McCain camp was supremely peeved that Brown didn't follow script, and in retribution canceled McCain's appearance on "Larry King Live" last night. The reason: Brown had "stepped over the line."
To show how clueless the McCainies are about the media, campaign flackette Maria Comella was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as saying the decision shouldn't reflect on the "sterling journalistic reputation" of King.
Sterling reputation? Journalism? Larry King?

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