Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tsunami of Red Ink Washes Over NBC Weather Plus

It's no surprise that NBC is shutting down the 4-year-old Weather Plus especially after NBC Universal acquired The Weather Channel.

What is a bit of a shocker is word from NBC News chief honcho Steve Capus that the network would have pulled the plug even if TWC hadn't come on board.
As Television Week reports, it seems most affiliates put up a cold front when it came to using digital subchannels to house Weather Plus. Not enough affiliates means not enough revenue. Not enough revenue means unemployment.
However, that likely won't apply to the likes of Jeff Ranieri (right), who's made a name for himself doing live shots in weather hot -- and cold -- spots for "Today" and MSNBC, sort of a higher-octane version of Jim Cantore.
Willard Scott can't go on forever (can't he?) and Al Roker's never looked too enthused when he has to stand on a Gulf Coast beach with a Category 3 whopper just off the coast. Ranieri's got game, and it's a safe bet he'll keep on playing across the NBC platform, Weather Plus or no.


Anonymous said...

I'll take him over cantore anytime.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Cantore is the boss when it comes to storm coverage. There are lots of reasons to like a person who brings you information about weather. The biggest reason I like Cantore is that he is a professional, steeped in knowledge and developed wisdom. Besides all that he as an entertainer. No doubt there is a lot of talent to go around, but sometimes you want the right information. Cantore is my pick any day of the week, rain or shine.