Monday, March 23, 2009

Who Wants To Come Out and Play(Boy)?

No Charge For A Peek at Digital Archives; Thanks Hef

Free Playboy!
OK, so we're talking about selections from its digital archive, going back to 1954, when women were women and silicone hadn't yet been invented.
And it's not just the T&A that you get the gawk at from the privacy of your P.C. It's the whole magazine, including the ads, the cartoons, party jokes and, of course, the interviews, which is why you really read the magazine. Right? RIGHT?
As Folio notes, no age verification is required. But maybe most of what's on display is nothing we haven't seen in an R-rated movie or Cinemax on Friday nights. Except Hef always left us something for the imagination.
That was part of the fun as much as it was finding where your father hid his copies.

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