Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Will Sam Sifton Have a Make-Up Artist on Staff?

Trying to Succeed as the Next New York Times Restaurant Critic When Every Punk at the Front Desk Knows What You Look Like

Good luck to Sam Sifton (right), who today was named the next New York Times restaurant critic. Hope that gym membership is paid up.
After all, becoming pleasantly plump isn't a requirement for the job. However, it could be one of those unpleasant side effects. Ah, but what a job.
Now about this little matter of your mug being pasted on the wall of every restaurant kitchen from Red Hook to Tottenville, that could get a little tricky without a little tonsorial prestidigitation, not to mention a hat and fake beard.
My guess is he already has a couple of months worth of reviews in the can to get a head start on the front of the room trying to hunt him down.
And you can recognize him and kiss his balding pate all you want. If the food sucks, it sucks. And I doubt he'll by shy about letting us know that.
Now comes the jockeying to replace Sifton as arts editor. And you thought reviewing restaurants was rough.

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Rose said...

What an awesome job! I only wish (although I'm sure I would start piling on the pounds immediately.

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