Sunday, October 31, 2010

Untruth in Labeling

Original Butter? That's Just Un-Wise, Wise

Amid the kids' Halloween booty yesterday was a snack-sized bag of Wise popcorn with "Original Butter." Because you wouldn't want your butter to be accused of being a copycat.
Turns out "Original Butter" is something else entirely, as right under that label on the package is the disclaimer "artificially flavored."
That means "Original Butter" is something else, as the nutrition label indicateds. But there's no butter. Not even close.
So, it appears the FTC allows a company to call a product whatever it wants, as long as it's upfront about what it's not. "Original Butter" is just a name for a flavor. Despite common sense, it doesn't connote that there's actual butter, just the appearance of such. It's not dishonest, just disingenuous.

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