Monday, March 28, 2005

L.A. Times: Don't Bury Tom Delay's Schiavo Moment In Time

Was catching up to the LA Times story on how Tom Delay's family pulled the plug on their father back in 1988 when a freak accident left him in a persistent vegetative state. Or, at least, was trying to catch up with what's a great story. The Times didn't include it in its Terri Schiavo archive, so you have to do a word search ("Tom DeLay" will do the trick) to get yesterday's article. Don't bury the lead!
And to save you the trouble, here's the story:,1,1747897.story
As for what DeLay's hometown, badly scooped Houston Chronicle will say on this issue. So far, apparently nothing. So far, it was content to run the Times story and leave it at that.

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