Monday, April 18, 2005

Toiletmania---Thailand To Be Next Year's Porcelain King

A recent wire story picked up from the Bangkok Post told of how Thailand would be the host for next year's World Toilet Summit. What a pisser. course, you might find an item about international experts huddling for what could be called Flush Fest (this year's will be held in Shanghai) unless you've happened to use a public toilet in many parts of Asia. Suffice to say, these guys have a lot to talk about.
A visit to shows what much of the world is up against:

Public toilets serve the male and female but it goes beyond that. What about the visually, physically and mentally handicapped, the child, the elderly, or people with babies, as well as certain religious and cultural toilet requirements? The female visits the toilet 3 times longer than the male; logically they need more toilet cubicles because of the absence of urinals.

And most women in the United States find that just about everywhere they try to pee in public is illogical.

To be sure, there are many places in the United States where the concept of cleanliness being next go godliness has not reached the bathroom. However, the U.S. affiliate for the World Toilet Organization is the Baltimore-based International Paruresis Association, whose reason for being is a disorder that prevents people from urinating in public places or in the presence of other people [not a good situation for Olympic athletes who have to pee on demand while some lucky soul gets to watch].

If you believe the claims at, 7 percent of the population has bashful bladders. The rest of us just hold our nose and hope for the best.

In Finland, they don't have a problem holding it in, it's what to do after it comes out, thanks to a shortage of T.P. for the W.C.

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