Friday, April 15, 2005

Weekly Read-Out--"Trek" bit players have 15 minutes extended; making love the Green way, a really bad day in New Jersey and pizza wars

The Los Angeles Times found there are some who got to orbit in the "Star Trek" universe are getting their 16th minute of fame, thanks to lots of undersexed men who still live in their parents' basement.,0,5077740.story?coll=la-home-headlines
Birds do it, bees do it, and so do a couple of environmentalists who have a found they can hug trees and hump each other for fun, profit and to promote a good cause.
Think you had a bad day? The Bergen Record's Rich Cowen reports on a couple of guys in New Jersey who can easily beat you in a game of "Can You Top That?" Ed Levine just put out "Pizza: A Slice Of Heaven," where he talks about where to find a slice that's a transcendent experience rather than a gloppy mess of sauce, tasteless cheese and rancid dough. Levine traveled the U.S. and Italy in search of that all-defining pie. One place that got the hook was Chicago, whose deep-dish pizza Levine called a good casserole, but certainly not pizza.
As you can imagine, Chicagoans don't like being left out of the pizza pantheon. And though Mike Thomas in the Chicago Sun-Times doesn't mention Levine by name, you can tell right away he has little use for him.

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