Tuesday, March 28, 2006

N.Y. Times TV Critic Flunks History

Alessandra Stanley Forgets To Fill In Blanks When Talking About Classroom Shows
In her perfunctory review of the new NBC sitcom "Teachers," New York Times TV major domo Alessandra Stanley intones "it has been a while since a school served as a setting for a television show -- "Room 222" and "Saved By The Bell" are ancient history; Fox canceled "Boston Public" in 2004."
So, then, would "two years" really qualify as "a while?" But I quibble.
The last blackboard was erased on "Room 222" 32 years ago. And surely the Video Contessa of West 43rd St. could have done better than citing "Saved By The Bell."
Indeed, there was a little show on in the 1970s, Alessandra, called "Welcome Back Kotter." And 1986 brought us "Head Of The Class," first starring Howard Hesseman, then Billy Connolly for its last season in 1991.
Last time I checked, "The White Shadow" took place in a high school. Most of the immortal and shamefully underwatched "Freaks and Geeks" was centered around school activities, as was "Undeclared," if you throw college into the mix. If so, you could take the next step to the TV version of "The Paper Chase."
Do your homework, Alessandra!

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