Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Will The Last Person Out At Cargo Magazine Please Unplug The Web Site?

Conde Nast announced yesterday, to the sobs and wails of metrosexuals everywhere, that it's deep-sixing men's shopping magazine Cargo with the May issue.
It won't be missed. While it tried to be all things to many people, it wound up being too much of nothing.
Everything from fine wine to the latest thong underwear was covered, reviewed and dissected in breathless, hipper-than-thou snippets that broke the barrier of superficial and crossed over into the territory of just plain insipid.
A magazine that was designed for men who didn't have time to read was a victim of its own mission. Even that dubious demographic didn't want Cargo.
Meanwhile, the magazine still exists, sort of, online at Cargomag.com, which hasn't gotten the memo yet that its print brethren is history. In fact, there are still links all over the site to order a subscription.
And if you are among the huddled, trendy, Zegna-wearing, RAZR-toting masses who fear Conde Nast is running off with the $9.97 you shelled out for your subscription, relax. Now you get GQ instead. GQ is sort of like Cargo's big brother, the one with a brain.

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