Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Making The Transition From Fart Jokes To Steve Inskeep

Former Howard Stern Listeners Lost In The Wilderness Find Radio Oasis at NPR
The Los Angeles Times takes a look at where the millions of Howard Stern fanatics who didn't migrate with him to Sirius are lending their ears.

Morning talk radio tends to be dominated by conservatives, but Stern's audience tends to be centrist to liberal in political orientation, for which NPR is a better fit, analysts say. And both shows emphasize lifestyle, quirky or offbeat takes on the news and appeal to baby boomers, they say.

Which doesn't mean "Morning Edition" co-hosts Steve Inskeep (above) and Renee Montaigne will start belching on the air, expound on their bowel movements, extol the joys of pleasuring oneself or ask their guests to get naked anytime soon (though if dollars fall short on the next pledge drive, you never know).

Still, all parties have a lot at stake. Stern/Sirius need to pull in a boatload more listeners to justify plunking down a half-billion for the King of All Media's services four days a week. That will take time, not to mention a lot more cars coming equipped with Sirius to make the investment truly viable.
CBS Radio will get pimp-slapped in the ratings for the foreseeable future and may not have a viable exit strategy for its Arbitron woes. Which is why execs may swallow their pride and open up their wallets to welcome back Opie & Anthony, booted for putting on the air a couple allegedly having sex (probably didn't happen) in St. Patrick's Cathedral who are now in a comfortable exile at XM Radio, which will share O&A for the right price.

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