Tuesday, April 11, 2006

With Flacks Like These, Who Needs Enemies

From Our Pot-Calling-The-Kettle-Black File, the Voice of Jayson Blair Weighs In on Jared Paul Stern
At least give Ted Faraone credit for being something of a straight shooter, which is not the norm for publicists. Faraone reps Jayson Blair, among others, and wrote in a letter to Editor & Publisher that his prevaricating client should not be painted with the same broad brush now tarring and feathering Page Six badboy Jared Paul Stern.
Of course, Blair, the NY. Times' former nonpariel fabricator, might wince at how Faraone defends him. Alas, the truth can be a real bitch.
Wrote Faraone: "He was an undiagnosed manic-depressive going through a breakdown that he was trying to hide from his bosses. He couldn't keep up with the job as he melted down. That is why he resorted to plagiarism and fabrication. He was not extorting anything from anyone."
Which is what a good flack does, drawing those distinctions and spinning them into utter nothingness. Blair may have been journalistic scum, but at least he's not journalistic scum who's also possibly facing felony charges.
Lest you think Faraone has totally taken leave of his senses, he does come back to Earth in the next sentence: "Being nuts is no excuse, as the medicated Jayson will tell you."
Then again, when will you ever again believe anything Jayson Blair says?

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