Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss: Goodbye and Good Riddance, Scott McClellan

The not-unexpected resignation of Scott McClellan as Bush Mouthpiece-In-Chief will likely not be greeted with hoops and hollers within the White House press room.
This is an administration so totally on message -- skewed, distorted and out of step as it might be -- that any semblance of candor will be snuffed out with extreme prejudice.
Reporters knew McClellan was just the servant boy for all the prevarication emanating from the West Wing. But he turned into something more, as he uttered inane soundbite after bite, refusing to provide illumination on even the most innocuous of subjects.
Chances are they'll get someone else dripping with contempt for the Fourth Estate from the get-go, just the way Dubya likes it.
Remember when Mike McCurry beget Joe Lockhart in the Clinton White House? Hardly a barrel of laughs or warmth emanating from the podium following that transition.
Look for more of the same this time around. Much more.

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