Monday, April 17, 2006

News Flash: Brad Pitt Knows How To Read!

To The Literate Go The Spoils
The N.Y. Times had a short piece today about how Glamour was giving itself a bit of a journalistic makeover, with a monthly column by Marianne Pearl, widow of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.
At the end, she mentions how Brad Pitt's making a movie about her book that's a memoir of her life with Danny.
And just how did Pitt's production company become the one to snag the rights? Simply, "he was the only one who had read the book."
Imagine that.
Of course, disinterest in reading books is hardly alien to Hollywood. After all, many an author on a book tour has been confronted by talk-show hosts and interviewers who may have read the dust jacket or press release, but couldn't be bothered to have at least cracked the spine of the hardcover.
Larry King, for one, makes no secret of not reading the books of authors he's interviewed, but nobody at CNN has the guts to tell him that's nothing to be proud about.
Pearl probably figured that if Pitt could be bothered to read the story of her life and the legacy of her husband, then he might actually care enough to get the story right rather than see it head off the rails with some garden-variety producer and turned into the next Lifetime Movie of the Week.
Here's hoping she's right.

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