Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nothing Like A Bad Show To Make A Headline Writer's Day

Universal Pans for "Tarzan" on Broadway Prompt Newsroom Knife Sharpening
Seldom was heard a non-discouraging word about Disney's musical version of "Tarzan," the Phil Collins musical that opened last night.
Tarzan may be king of the jungle, but judging by last night's notices he won't be King of Broadway anytime soon.
Sometimes, it's enough to read the headlines to see whether it's worth plunking down $110 for an orchestra seat.
The New York Post sums it up thus: "Bungle In The Jungle"
The UK's Daily Telegraph opines: "Tarzan swings, the songs don't," while the Sydney Morning Herald, in a roundup of reviews, notes "Word on the vine is that Tarzan's a stinker."
Best: the Daily News proclaiming on top of Howard Kissel's review: "Me critic, you lame!" Which, judging by the pans spread out across the papers today, about says it all.

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