Friday, May 12, 2006

Unearthing A Gem In The N.Y. Times Metro Section

Creative Mob Hit Provides Inspiration for Bill Rashbaum Article
The Mafia may not be what it once was -- and who of us are ? -- but when the time is right they still know how to TCB old-style.
But eventually you feel like you've read about one whack, and you read about them all. Which presents a challenge for crime and court reporters to liven things up.
Which is what makes William Rashbaum's piece in the N.Y. Times a winner, if for no other reason the third paragraph:

The charges reveal another interesting aspect to the case: The mob associate and former marine who prosecutors say was paid $8,000 by a Bonanno crime family soldier to carry out the hit is black. And one of his accomplices disposing of the body that day is Hispanic. Both are something of a rarity in the Mafia, not an enterprise known for its commitment to diversity.

What could have been a little throwaway line is instead a sly combination of wit and matter-of-fact reportage, no doubt inspired by this Gang Who Couldn't Kill Straight.
If new metro editor Joe Sexton's behind allowing such creativity onto his pages, all we can say is more of the same. Much more.

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