Friday, August 25, 2006

Hankie Alert: StoryCorps, NPR Team Up For Unforgettable Katrina Stories

When Radio News Still Matters
Sometimes the best radio comes through the door. It's not a news event, it's not a crafty piece of edit or voice-of-doom broadcaster who by virtue of his intonations, let us know something is important.
Often, the most absorbing radio experiences are courtesy of just plain folks talking about life, talking about themselves.
Which is why the StoryCorps project championed by NPR is so great to listen to. The mobile recording booths allow people to spin compelling yarns about pivotal moments in their lives. StoryCorps has been in the Gulf Coast and New Orleans and they found people unburdening themselves emotions still raw from Katrina a year later.
Today's "Morning Edition" had two stories that break your heart and make you want to hug someone you love in a hurry. More can be heard at
Think good thoughts for Douglas deSilvey, who tells of losing his wife, daughter and wife's parents in Gulfport, Miss. His family was lost, and now his is too.
Then there is New Orleans cop David Duplantier, who is heard with his wife Melissa. As he recalls his thoughts from sleepless nights spent at the Superdome, he realizes this is the first time Melissa has heard him speak this way.
"I'm sorry for not talking about this with you before," he says, his voice tinged with both love and regret.

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