Thursday, August 31, 2006

Linda Greenhouse Finds The Supreme Court Justices In A Talkative Mood

Catching up after a few days in the ether, it was remarkable to see yesterday's account in The New York Times by their Supreme Court doyenne Linda Greenhouse about how female law clerks are few and far between.
The story went beyond Greenhouse's usual more-than-workmanlike reporting on the justices. What was truly startling was that she got three of the justices --- Souter, Ginsburg and Breyer -- to be interviewed on the record about the lack of distaff staff. Plus, retired Sandra O'Connor also briefly weighed in.
These are people who aren't prone to make public statements beyond the occasional commencement speech or keynote address at an ABA convention.
Greenhouse has enough cred in chambers because of her longevity at the Court. But that doesn't necessarily translate into access.
Give her credit for trying to get justices to talk, rather than assuming they wouldn't. And give them credit for opening up about what's become a rather vexing issue in their midst.

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