Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bobby Brown Decides He Doesn't Want To Be a Model Citizen After All, Not To Mention a Radio Host

Hot 99.5 Tried to Get Deadbeat Dad Out of Jail and In the Studio
So, Washington radio station Hot 99.5 hoped to goose its morning ratings by having Bobby Brown on for a week to talk about what a swell, misunderstood guy he really was. This, after the station bailed him out of a Massachusetts jail for not paying child support.
It was supposed to be a week of good-natured razzing, regret and rumination, not to mention unpredictable, as anyone who saw the train wreck that was his reality show "Being Bobby Brown" can attest.
Then, Brown apparently came down with a bad case of cold feet after the cash found its way toward his camp (see below item). Brown's people are trying to spin this sucka, saying the station didn't front his bail money and that he never agreed to come on the air. Hot 99.5 begs to differ and has the proof.
Oops. Nothing like an email to ruin a good story.

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