Friday, March 02, 2007

It's His Prerogative: Bobby Brown May Bail On Radio Station That Bailed Him Out

Clear Channel Station in D.C. Could Be on Hook for Washed-Up Pop Star's Child Support Tab and Nothing In Return

It sounded good, at least on paper. Bobby Brown, has-been singer, estranged husband of Whitney Houston, and reality show head case, was in jail for not ponying up child-support bucks.

So, Washington radio station Hot 99.5 had a swell idea. Bail out Brown by paying the $19,150 Brown owed in Massachusetts, then have him be an "employee" of the station, yuck it up for a week with morning host Kane and sort of be a role model/punching bag.

Brown certainly appeared game enough. Rehabilitating yourself on the air sure beats a cell. Except now he may be having second thoughts, all the more inconvenient for Hot 99.5, as they've already laid out the cash.

Brown told Kane on the air this morning that he really didn't want to dwell on his legal troubles and said he was the victim of lies spread in the media. Uh-oh.

After Kane had a few WTF moments as it appeared Brown was trying to weasel out of his commitment, Brown hung up, leaving the radio station and everyone else without a clue as to what will happen next.

Which has been Brown's problem all along, as Hot 99.5 is learning the hard way.

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