Friday, March 02, 2007

Washington Times' Managing Editor Makes a Day in the Newsroom Interesting -- And Dangerous

A Full Moon Follows Fran Coombs As He Belittles, Berates and Blows Up

No one ever accused journalists, especially managing editors of distant second-place papers, of being a stable lot. Proof of that comes via Wonkette from George Archibald, a faaaaar right-wing blogger who toiled for many years with like-minded brethren at the Washington Times.

Archibald, via newsroom moles, recounts recent run-ins Times managing editor Fran Coombs has had with staff members. It's a real Moonapalooza of a day when he's around.
To wit, this purported exchange with one reporter:

Coombs: "I heard you were pissing on Julia Duin's series and bad-mouthing the Washington Times, like you always do."
Carter: "Who told you that? I wasn't and I didn't."
Coombs: "I heard you were, like you always do, and if I catch you, your ass will be grass."
Carter: "Are you going to punch me?"
Coombs: "No, You'd like that wouldn't you. But that is not going to happen. I'll fucking fire your ass. I’m going to fucking take your ass out."

Not exactly a wet dream for those in H.R. But great stuff for the rest of us who have the good fortune of not working at the Times.

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