Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Now That The Bun's In The Oven, Campbell Brown Puts Herself On Hiatus

A belated mazel tov to Campbell Brown and husband Dan Senor for their upcoming family expansion.
Brown, who's wrapping up her tenure on "Weekend Today" before heading to CNN (all but announced) in an as-yet-undefined role, made it official on Sunday's program.
No word yet on a due date or the gender. Apparently, she wants to find out, while the hubby prefers to wait.
Outside the Brown household, the larger question is what does this mean for Brown vis a vis CNN.
The betting line had Brown uprooting Paula Zahn from the 8 p.m. slot, although her arrival could presage a larger rearrangement of the anchor chairs (Lou Dobbs in prime time, anyone?). If Brown is on the shelf for a few months, will CNN wait for her to come back, or will they move quicker on Zahn and put another anchor in as a place holder? Or none of the above.
Bashing Zahn has become a little too fashionable as of late, especially when her ratings have improved though her numbers most nights still put her behind Bill O'Reilly, Keith Olbermann and Nancy Grace (also preggers albeit with twins).
Merely swapping out Brown -- however engaging and talented she might be -- for Zahn may not be what CNN needs in that slot to make a serious dent. Which is why the cajoling of Dobbs by CNN brass may have already begun.

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