Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Sun Blares Its Blair Exclusive As Tony Bids Toodle-Oo

Murdoch's Busty Tab Nabbed A Sit-Down With Dubya Last Month. Did He Ever Read Page 3?
You don't read The Sun, Britain's raciest and -- not coincidentally -- best-selling tabloid for its insightful political coverage.
Instead, Rupert Murdoch has the bread for this cash cow buttered with a heavy dose of sports, gossip and, of course, the Page 3 girls, whose revealing profiles can make being squeezed like a sardine during a rush-hour ride on the Underground a tad more tolerable.
But as it turns out, Sun Editor Rebekah Wade nailed a softball interview with Dubya last month in the Oval Office, where he waxed poetic about Tony Blair's impending departure, which happened this morning.
"Blair ain't my poodle, says Bush" blares the Sun headline.
Indeed, Bush says Blair's more of a pit bull who can talk circles around him.

“Tony’s great skill, and I wish I had it, is that he’s very articulate. I wish I was a better speaker. This guy can really . . . he can talk ... We have different speaking styles, of course. He’s much more kind of lofty and eloquent than I am."

Don't we know it.

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