Monday, March 17, 2008

Reading Between The Lines of Confessions of Alleged McGreevey Boy Toy

You'd Think Dina Matos McGreevey Would Lay Low While Teddy Pedersen Gets His 15 Minutes. But No.

Now that Eliot Spitzer's been safely tucked away to ignominious oblivion, those of us in the metro NY area can re-fix our gaze on the battling McGreeveys. That would be Jim, the former New Jersey governor and would-be gay icon, and his supposedly oblivious soon-to-be-ex Dina Matos McGreevey.

The two are duking it out in divorce court and civil court, over everything from custody of their daughter, to punitive damages for being cheated out of perks she anticipated getting her mitts on before McGreevey prematurely bade the governor's mansion farewell.

Matos McGreevey has portrayed herself as a victim, who said she had no inkling her hubby was playing for the other team. Which has apparently cheesed off a former McGreevey aide, who says that's a crock because he had a lot of three-way sex with both of them.

Teddy Pedersen gave interviews to The New York Post (who dubbed him a "three-way sex stud") and the Star-Ledger, both of which are worth reading because each one fills in blanks from the other's stories.

Pedersen told the Post he spent many an evening with the McGreeveys before they were married that started with dinner and culminated in a "hard-core consensual sex orgy" that Pedersen says shows she was a "willing participant" rather than a "victim."

In fact, Pedersen implied his presence was welcomed by Dina "to get Jim's motor running," so she could fulfill her ambitions to become a governor's wife, although it was Matos McGreevey who says she was duped by McGreevey so he could ride a beard all the way to Trenton.

The Post said Pedersen "lives with his girlfriend of several years," but uncharacteristically never directly addresses whether Pedersen and the gov got it on, though he said McGreevey liked watching him do the mattress mambo with Dina.

The Star-Ledger was more direct, making no mention of a girlfriend. "Pedersen did not say if he was gay or bisexual and only described having contact with Matos McGreevey during the trysts. He also said he never knew for sure if McGreevey was gay. "I had heard the rumors in circles outside of work," he said. "In hindsight, there might have been light interest (in me), but it didn't seem like he was gay."

So is Pedersen just looking for a quick payday and an appearance on TMZ? Actually, he was subpoenaed by Dina for the divorce trial, although she probably didn't calculate he'd blab about that.

Probably the best response in this situation is to clam up, especially before a court session. However, Dina also has a book to sell, a book that could quickly become fodder for the fireplace if it's proved she willingly lived a lie. Which forces her to go on offense and tell the A.P. that Pedersen's claims are "completely false."

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