Friday, March 14, 2008

No One Immune From MediaNews Carnage in California

Star Sports Columnist Urged (In a Somewhat Nice Way) Not To Let The Door Hit Him On The Way Out

It's been nearly a week since I printed something negative about Dean Singleton or MediaNews, though I'm sorry this post from former San Bernadino Sun sports editor and columnist Paul Oberjuerge has to fill the void.
Oberjuerge gives an impassioned and heartbreaking rendition of his separation from the paper, where he had become an icon among journalists in the Inland Empire. Of course, that doesn't matter in Singletonland. Never has.
What's as striking about Oberjuerge's dispatch are the dozens of comments, many from former colleagues, including more than a few who regard Oberjuerge as a major influence who mentored them when no one else would.
Wrote Nate Ryan:

No one has had a bigger influence on my career — and in several ways, my life — than you. You’ve been a professional role model for almost 15 years, and I’m having a difficult time reconciling how something so stomach-turning can happen in a profession that I’ve loved so dearly for so long (and mostly because of all those nights at 399 North D Street).

Surely, someone who had that kind of impact was worth more than six weeks of severance and a check for his unused vacation time after 32 years of service.
Of course the answer is no. This is MediaNews we're talking about, after all.
Let's hope, despite the desultory newspaper climate, we can soon talk about the new job Paul Oberjuerge is starting.

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