Thursday, May 22, 2008

Extreme Home Headache

Sure, it's great Ty Pennington and the Gang Can Build Something Grand. But Then Someone's Gotta Clean The Place. Idaho Winner Says Thanks, But No Thanks

For Eric Hebert, his life went from "Extreme Home Makeover" to Extreme Pain In The Butt.

The Sandpoint, Idaho, man had his plush home built for him by the ABC program, which featured his plight of being a single dad to his dead sister's children. Hebert told the Bonner County Daily Bee the house costs a lot to maintain, and is a bear to keep clean.

Although Keely’s (one of the kids) room and its adjoining bathroom are plush, it is difficult for her to keep the room clean. They spent last weekend cleaning her room to prepare for showing buyers. However, Hebert did not have time to put away the vacuum cleaner and it sits in the middle of the upstairs hallway floor.

Reality bites back indeed.

If you'd like to say your house was on TV, and you don't mind living in northern Idaho, the 3,678-square-foot spread can be yours for just $529,000.

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Anonymous said...

While gifts are given to those who need them, unbelievable that you don't have the courage and know how to clean. Is that what's keeping you from enjoying this gift?! Or something else that your not saying. Show your children how to hold on to this home created for them and how to work through hard times because cleaning is what all households have to go through! What a shame you are selling that home and not working to give it to the children, after your a senior in life, who deserve the home. While I watched the show my heart heard that the children were to recieve the benifits of this gift.