Thursday, May 22, 2008

Michael Savage Goes Punk To Talk About Ted Kennedy

Reactionary Talker Puts On Dead Kennedys Track "Not to Mock Ted Kennedy. It's Just Appropriate, That's All."

Good thing we have liberal media watchdogs like Media Matters to listen to guys like Michael Savage, so we don't have to.
The group posted the nastiest bits from the rabid right-wing radio host, who took aim at Ted Kennedy, for whom he has held deep reservoirs of hate over the years.
The May 20 show opened with audio of Kennedy singing segueing into news reports discussing his brain-cancer diagnosis mixed with a clip from "Kindergarten Cop," where Arnold Schwarzenegger's character says "It's not a tumor."
What a cutup, that Savage, who then played a track by punk-rock icons the Dead Kennedys (above) to make some semblance of a point.

SAVAGE: Play "California Über Alles" by the Dead Kennedys, dedicated to the one I love. "I am governor."
["California Über Alles" plays]
I'm sorry. I like it. I'm having fun today. I'm not celebrating. I feel good. I've always liked punk rock music.


You know I'm playing the Dead Kennedys not to mock Ted Kennedy. It's just appropriate, that's all.

Well, if you say so. And if we weren't convinced, this was how Savage attempted to feign sympathy:

The guy sounded like he was off for years, I'm sorry. When he would give that -- he gave a speech about a year ago, I forget the topic. He could not finish the speech, Kennedy couldn't. Feinstein had to come from the side and speak to him like from the wings, like the queen of diamonds.

Which is more emblematic of the contempt Savage feels for Kennedy, and epitomized on his Web site, where twol hysterical screeds that do everything short of calling for the Massachusetts senator to be lined up and shot for his liberal misdeeds. That includes this drivel from Beowulf Rochlen, Savage's Executive Producer.

"Does a man who spent his entire political life destroying the fundamental tenets of American morality become miraculously rehabilitated simply because he enters the hospital? ... Too many so-called conservative commentators have forgotten what Ted Kennedy has done to our language. Too many fawning media lackeys have forgotten that Ted Kennedy has succeeded in nearly destroying our culture."
Our culture.

All of a sudden another song title comes to mind. Remember California Uber Alles from above? Just swap out California for Deutschland -- circa 1935.

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