Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gary Pruitt: At Least He's Honest

Of Course, That Doesn't Make The Situation at McClatchy Any Better

We've been taking dumps on MediaNews and Tribune for all the bad news they've ladled up as of late.
Now, it's McClatchy's turn to slash and burn, with a 10 percent reduction company-wide, although some properties will be squealing like a pig that much harder, namely The Miami Herald, whose staff will be slashed 17 percent. That's 250 positions that will be going away.
Why is the Herald -- that former Knight-Ridder flagship -- getting a bigger pimp slap from corporate?
"The Miami Herald's performance has been worse than most, if not all, of the newspapers, and . . . there were some opportunities for greater efficiencies,'' intoned McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt.
Greater efficiencies? You might get a good argument about that in the shrunken Herald newsroom. But when your real estate market implodes and other ads, like help wanted and auto migrate permanently to the Web -- and generally not to MiamiHerald.com -- it's time to get out the scythe.
The scary part? If you think it's bad now, just wait. Pruitt told The Sacramento Bee "I'm hopeful that we'll see some improvement as the year goes on; to date, we have not seen that."
And Pruitt and any realist at McClatchy knows that they won't.

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