Monday, June 09, 2008

Lou Reed Doesn't Want To Take A Walk on the Wild Side of Satellite Radio

Apparently, It Really Is All About The Music

When you're a 66-year-old rock icon/influencer/elder statesman/cool guy, I guess you can be a surly crank in public and not have to apologize for it later.
Lou Reed is that guy, judging by a short -- probably shorter than anticipated -- interview he gave to New York magazine about his new show "New York Shuffle" he co-hosts on Sirius satellite radio.
It's obvious in the interview Reed's all about the music. After all, the show is kind of like a freeform college radio show for grown-ups, where Ornette Coleman and The Animal Collective might be heard on the same program.
However, interviewer Andrew M. Goldstein didn't realize how obvious it was when he asked:

Sirius's impending merger with XM is anticipated to boost earnings. Do you own any stock in the company?

What are you, a fucking asshole? I'm here telling you the truth about music and you want to know if I have stock in the fucking radio? You fucking piece of shit. What did I do to deserve that?

The interview ended soon after.

Think it's time for Lou to switch to decaf.

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