Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are The Dominoes Starting To Fall at Journal Register?

Eight New York Weeklies Fold Up Shop This Week

In the overall scheme of things, the closing of eight weekly newspapers in upstate New York with a combined circulation of just over 15,000 hardly represents a seismic event in the sorry world of newspaperdom.
But the papers, in the New York exurbs of Putnam and Dutchess counties, are owned by Journal Register, which can hardly be confused with a going concern nowadays, with its stock trading for less than a penny a share.
This comes after Journal Register threatened to shutter last month two dailies and three weeklies in Connecticut, when a white knight named Michael Schroeder rode in to save them.
No such luck across the border, which means residents will have to rely more on Gannett's Poughkeepsie Journal and Journal-News for coverage of their communities. Given all the recent cutbacks at those papers, good luck with that.

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