Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Post Editor a Chump For Defending Chimp Cartoon

Col Allan Needs To Work On Being Disingenuous

Nobody expects subtlety when they look at the work of New York Post cartoonist Sean Delonas. He enjoys being a bad boy and so, apparently, do his employers. He's offensive as often as he tries to make a point. Sometimes he even does both.
But then there are the moments when Delonas goes beyond the inane and becomes insensitive or worst, as the cartoon seen here, just plain racist.
Even worse than the cartoon itself, however, is Post editor Col Allan attempting to explain it to us dullards.
No, it wasn't simply Delonas conveniently using the shooting of the chimp who attacked a woman in Connecticut to lampoon Barack Obama. Instead:
"The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington's efforts to revive the economy."
OOOkay. So, a woman violently mauled by a chimp is ripe for parody, eh? There was no other way to comment on the stimulus, it seems.
It reminds me of a radio station ad campaign where they "apologize for anything (fill in name of shock jock here) said today."
In other words, hey, we just sign the paychecks then get the hell out of the way.
Otherwise, why would you write about us?

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