Monday, April 13, 2009

OMG! A Cheeky "Hannah Montana" Review in New York Times that Works

Jeannette Catsoulis: Tween Wannabe

omg ashley, i’ve just seen “hannah montana the movie”!! and it’s just as awesome as the tv show only bigger and prettier and she doesn’t fall down so much.

Fear not, we haven't intercepted an 11-year-old girl's text message. It's the cheeky lede for The New York Times review of "Hannah Montana: The Movie."

Freelancer Jeannette Catsoulis obviously knew what she was getting herself into and decided to have a little fun. OK, a lot of fun.
Not that I'm going to shell out 11 bucks to see if she hit the mark, but I'll wager a pack of bubble gum she did. However, not all commenters on the Times Web site apparently got the joke.

"surely hannah montana movie deserves a respectful review, is as if they are making fun of her. Miley does not speak this way at all," is a typical comment, grammatical errors and all.

Maybe Catsoulis' detractors should take a look at Miley Cyrus' Twitter feed. They might think she plagiarized the review.

"omgomg! my fans rock! the movie is doing great you guys! omg AND its all cause of you!!!! I LOVE U ALL! IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT YET CHECK IT!"

A double omg? This is serious.

Catsoulis and Co. can be as snarky as they want. Disney couldn't care less. It's too busy counting money. "Hannah Montana" raked in $34 million over the weekend. It's doubtful many of the girls who invaded theatres over the weekend relied on the Times or any other newspaper to help them decide what to go see.

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Ebhrahim Kabir said...

I found the movie really disappointing. Although I used to be a fan.