Monday, April 13, 2009

A Slimmed-Down Ira Joe Fisher Looking Good on The Early Show

We Haven't Seen Much of Ira Joe, and Now We See Even Less

There was never any official reason why Ira Joe Fisher was dumped as the weather guy on the Saturday edition of The Early Show on CBS, but you can guess it was all about the money.
Fisher had also done time on the daily edition of the program, but was relegated to Saturdays and voice-over work.
Fisher had been with the Saturday Early Show since its inception in 1999, but quietly disappeared in 2007, replaced by WCBS-TV meteorologist Lonnie Quinn.
Nothing against Quinn, but Fisher was an avuncular, affable presence on the program, especially when it came time to the Chef On A Shoestring segment. Fisher, shall we say, liked to eat, leading to one notorious moment on the show in 2006, when co-host Tracy Smith is helping cookbook author Nancy Silverton prepare dessert.
"One scoop or two?"Smith asks Silverton about some ice cream.
"I think I'll do one today," and then turns to Fisher, "I don't think you need two, right?"
To which the abashed but hungry Fisher replies: "No, but let's have two."
It was both chastening and inappropriate. So, when Fisher filled in on The Early Show two days ago, it was great to see him, especially so, because it looks like he has shed in the neighborhood of 100 pounds.
Having spent decades on the air in New York and on the network as a jolly if portly weathercaster, it was a startling but welcome change.
Now that there's a lot less of him, here's hoping we can see him more.


Linda Snyder said...

I love this guy! And he was missed! When I recently saw the slimmed down Ira Joe I was happy for him yet concerned, not sure if this had been a conscious decision on his part, or as a result of illness. I look forward to seeing more of Ira Joe on CBS. He adds zing any time he is on!

Anonymous said...

I love ira joe.He didn't have to lose weight to be beautiful,He's beautiful inside and out.I would love to see more of him.Ira just make's me smile.

Anonymous said...

I watched Ira Joe Fisher over 20 years ago in New York, and still miss seeing him. There is NO ONE quite like Ira Joe. I wish him well, and would love to see him here in So. Calif.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Spokane from 1973 to 1977 and watched Ira Joe every day. Great weatherman and T.V. host. We wish you well Ira Joe!!